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What Teachers are Saying

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What Teachers are Saying


Link to Pyramath Reviews


Here we have compiled some quotes received from teachers, homeschoolers, and just parents who have used these games. These are all actual quotes from teachers about Pyramath directly copied and pasted from received emails.


Copied straight from emailed message (4/04/11) - last name removed

Thank you very much for the wonderful Pyramath game! I played with my 6th grader who is struggling to memorize his multiplication tables. He loved the game! This is big praise because I have tried everything from songs to flashcards to "war' type games to games on the computer and he hated all of those previous options. The songs he thought were silly, the flashcards had too much pressure in terms of time to get the answer right, war was too repetitive, and the computer he was by himself. This Pyramath game was fun and had positive reenforcement without the pressure of time constraints. The benefits were : we played together and it was interactive. It was challenging - it made you think about multiple solutions - it was a "big" kids' game and not silly or childish. Also, it didn't put any pressure on him like the flashcards did. It could have built in repetition without seeming repetitive - sometimes we used the same equation over because that's what fit. I appreciated the repeated equations without it seeming like a drill. Yeah!!! Wonderful game!!!! 

Even my high schooler wanted to play. I think the unique pyramid shape made it very appealing. It added a creative aspect to the game he appreciated. 

Thank you very much for sharing this with us! It is getting lots of use here and I am grateful for a fun and happy way to practice our math facts. 

Thanks again,



Copied straight off Facebook (3/28/2011) - I removed last names

Anna Maude
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you for the cards!
15 hours ago
Moms Increasing Literacy Wendy
We got our cards and the kids LOVED THEM. It was so fun!! I especially loved the Chinese characters on the cards. Lot's of language as well as math going on in our home :)
16 hours ago
Love the Pyramath cards! They are so adaptable to our math facts lessons!
Saturday at 11:21am
Pyramath has earned its place in the official "keep 'em busy" bag I keep in the car. My daughter and I play while waiting for appointments, during big brother's golf lesson, or any time we need something fun to pass the time. Thanks for offering them as I would never have tried them otherwise.


We have only had the Pyramath game cards for two days, but my 8 year old son loves them!  He is begging everyone in the house to play with him.  They are such a great tool to reinforce math skills in a fun and engaging way.  I love it that they are so portable and easy to take with you.  Thanks for such a great product!



I first got acquainted with Pyramath at the NCTM conference in Washington, DC.  I bought a couple of decks and brought them back to my class.  The students loved them.  I then bought a case and distributed them to the teachers in my department.  Their kids loved them.
I teach at an all boys Catholic school - grades 6 - 12.  The students at all grade levels love to play with the cards.  For the older students, I let then use signed numbers and exponents.  No matter what the level, they can all use practice with basic skills and if they are playing while learning or reinforcing, so much the better!


(9/16/2010 Compilation of Comments)


Because it's so much fun they don't mind all the brain work that goes into figuring out which card to play next... and they are getting quicker at working it out.


I am most definitely going to purchase Fractazmic and Prime Bomb. At US$6.95 / deck it is well worth the investment... you do the numbers.


At such a reasonable price, I really like this game and am considering purchasing some of this company’s other card games as well.


Let me start by saying my daughter and I LOVE this product!   I love Pyramath because Emily is practicing her addition and subtraction skills and she loves it because the game is FUN


(5/23/2010) I become aware of your company after attending the math conference in San Diego this past April and stopped by your booth.   I also received a complimentary Pyramath Card set after playing the game at your booth.  I placed the deck of cards in my Fun Friday Bin and the students like playing it—it’s the first game that is selected.  I showed the entire class how to play it be using your website for the speed game and now they are logging on to your site and playing it all the time.


I added your website to my Resources Link page on my classroom website and other teachers at my school have told me that their students logged on and played your game off my link after being told by my students.  I hope the word gets around about your cards and more people start using them.  Good luck with your company and I hope you create more fun cards.


GRRRRREAT Job at creating an entertaining (and somewhat addicting) game for students to build their mental math skills (They don’t even see it as practicing math because they are having so much fun).


(5/21/2010) I teach 4th grade and they fight over who gets to play Pyramath.


(5/6/2010) My students are addicted to Pyramath and are so engaged with mixed operations now. What a difference this game has made to my classroom!


(1/13/2010) I wanted to share with you that I visited a math lab yesterday in an elementary school. As soon as I walked in the teacher said, "You have to see this! This is so cool! Have you ever seen these cards?" and I as I looked at the first table of students they were learning through the pyramath cards!



(6/5/2009) I discovered the Pyramath game at the NCTM Conference in Washington D.C. at the end of April and said that I would write with how my 9th grade students liked the game.  All I can say is that Pyramath is fabulous.  My students absolutely love the game.  They are allowed to play after they have all of their work turned in and they get very competitive with it.  It's a great review of basic math facts for them and I do not let them use calculators during the game (which they are allowed to use all the time in class).  I can see a difference in their skills after playing only a few games.  I even had one student come during another block and ask if she could take them so she could play in her study hall!  I'm looking forward to next year when I can use that as an incentive from the beginning of the year on.


~Katie [9th Grade Teacher]



(6/3/2009) We are interested in purchasing sets of cards for our classrooms and are wondering if there is special pricing for larger orders.  Our kids LOVE the game!


Lydia [6th grade teacher]



Hi -


I purchased Pyramath at the NCTM conference in DC last month.  I introduced the game to my students and they are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY for this game!!!! 


I teach remedial math, which allows me to work in smaller groups with 4th and 5th graders.  Usually this time of the year, it is a challenge to keep them motivated.  I have students arriving early to my room begging to play this game.  It is incredible!!!  Some even want to come during their lunch time; giving up their recess - which is unheard of!!!


I am interested in ourchasing more games.  I know at the conference I got three decks for $10.  Will you still honor this price?


Thanks again for such a fun way to use math!!!


Connie  (side note: we run specials at many of the conferences for school teachers to purchase cards)



The real cards work great!  Got them from you at NCTM last week.  I actually won a set for "beating you"!  I now understand why the kids get so excited about beating "me" in my classroom!!!   Used them with first, third, fourth and fifth grades today!  I was wondering if they would work with "just" addition and subtraction for first grade........worked great!  Thanks...we're having a lot of fun with them.   Looking forward to the Fraction game.   Working on a "mat" to help the "little" kids with placement of the cards...if i ever get it done, i'll send you a copy.


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