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Pyramath War Game

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 14 years, 4 months ago

Pyramath War Game


Pyramath war has the basic concept as the regular game of war with cards ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_(card_game) ) the object being to collect as many cards as possible. This is a 2 player only game.



1. Deal all cards to the 2 players with each player having the same amount of cards.

2. Players start with a pile of cards face down.

3. Each player takes one card and places it in the middle so that there are 2 cards side by side.




4. Using these 2 cards each player will now play 1 card on the 2 cards just as they would in the regular pyramath game.



5. A player captures all the cards if (1) the operation is a legal pyrmath operation, and (2) they beat the other player to identify the operation. In the example above one player A has 7 + 1 = 8, whoever identifies the operation and states it out lound wins all the cards.


6. There are 3 possible outcomes to each play;


Outcome 1 - there are no legal plays - in this case both players simulateneously turn over a second card on top of the first play. They continue until a legal operation is thrown and identified.


Outcome 2 - one player has a legal play - in this case a player (any player) must identify the play and then they capture the cards. Captured cards are placed to the side just as in the game of War as it is played with regular cards.


Outcome 3 - both players have a legal play - in this case the first player to identify and say one of the operations play first captures the cards.


7. After a group of cards is captured, the players repeat the process with 2 cards side by side. Play continues until one player has captured all the cards or both players get tired - in which case all cards are counted up and the player with the most cards wins the game.



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