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Playing Pyramath as a Class

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 15 years, 7 months ago

Playing Pyramath as a Class


The playing Pyramath as a class is doing just that. The class should be split into 2 evenly matched teams that will play against each other. The game will be set up in the middle where both teams can see the Pyramath deck and the team plays. One student can be the designated "card flipper" or this can be done by the teacher.


1. The game will follow standard 2 player rules as outlined in the rules (available on the Pyramath web site.


2. Game play will follow based on these rules.

 - One team goes first and either plays are discards a card.

 - The other team must use the drawn number before they can play from the discard pile.

 - If a team completes the pyramid they win

 - If the discard pile is played through without a team making a play it is a draw.


3. This is best played in smaller group 3-4 kids per team. If the class has sufficient decks then this is a fun game play option.





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