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Introducing Pyramath Game in 5th Grade Classroom

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Introducing Pyramath in a 5th Grade Classroom



1. The game play is based upon simple relationships that are present between numbers. To start the children should idenitfy these relationships. This can esily be done by aving kids raise hands after showing them on the board a sequence of two numbers.














In the examples given above the students can identify the number tht can be played and the operation. 

3 and 5 - 2 (subtraction), 8 (addition), 5 (multiplication - 15)


4 and 7 - 3 (subtraction), 1 (addition - 11), 8 (multiplication - 28)


8 and 3 - 5 (subtraction), 1 (addition - 11), 4 (mutiplication - 24)


2 and 6 - 4 (subtraction), 8 (addition), 2 (mutiplication - 12), 3 (division).


2. By this time the majority of students will understand the basic game play and how numbers can be played. They are now ready to move on to some basic drills to exercise this ability. Use the supplied paper template to play this next part.  PyramathBlankTemplate.pdf Each student should have a copy of the template or students may work as teams.


3.  Deal 7 cards and have the students fill in the top row of the template with the seven generated numbers (example as shown - your numbers will vary).



4. At this point the students will play the game on paper. The teach will select cards one at a time from the deck and show them to the students. The students must determine if they can play the card - and if so fill in the blanks on the page.


5. The first time playing this it is a good idea to help the students work through this as a group. Afte that it will be relatively easy as they will have caught on to the game.




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