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Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 7 years, 11 months ago

Pyramath Logo

Pyramath(TM) Wiki 




This is the Pyramath Wiki site. Teachers share new games using Pyramath on this site. If you send me any new ideas, games, or how you are using this in your classroom I will make sure it gets on this site. Send to corporate@iseecards.com



Our E-Mail Mailing List (Free Offers and New Products)

The Pyramath Story (how this got started)

Fractazmic Wiki Site

Prime Bomb Wiki Site

See What Teachers are Saying (testimonials)




  Lesson Plans


Lesson plans are submitted by real teachers that use Pyramath. If you have a way that you are using Pyramath mail us at corporate@iseecards.com and I will add it to the sets of plans for other teachers.





Pyramath Games


The basic rules for Pyramath and the Guide are available at the About Pyramath page (click here). Additional games beyond the basic game have game rules here.





Online Version


The online version is both free and a great way to teach students the game. One trick is that you must drop cards with the MOUSE over the YELLOW DROP AREA for the cards to know where you want to play them. This is easy in the five card version, but a bit trickier in the 7 card version because the drop areas are a bit smaller. Remember - the mouse should be OVER the YELLOW area when you play a card. This is a great option for teacher that want kids to play the game but don't have the budget to purchase decks (which is sad).





Pyramath Puzzles


We are getting ready to place the Pyramath Puzzles in a few test newspapers. We will keep the original puzzles and solutions on the page linked below. Feel free to use these puzzles for class lessons or in school newsletters - they are fun and pretty easy.


Pyramath Puzzles Page





To contribute to the Pyramath site - you simply have to request an account (this is in the upper right of the screen). Please give school or reason for contributing to the site. You may also email me directly at reaglin@mail.ucf.edu with ideas and I will post them. If you wish to become a Pyramath Reseller you will need to request the reseller agreement - please send an email to corporate@iseecards.com with the subject Reseller Agreement. We will help you through the process of becoming a reseller. As soon as I get time I will post the local resellers names and areas on our Pyramath Resellers Page.



Why Pyramath


A picture is worth 1000 words. This is my daughter.


See the Pyramath Video Basic Rule

How to Play 2 Player Pyramath


FaceBook Fan Site


Pyramath on Facebook








Comments (2)

csdresch said

at 10:34 am on May 1, 2009

An computer based version may provide a good whole class activity utilizing a smart board.

Dr. Ron Eaglin said

at 8:52 am on May 2, 2009

Thanks for the comment Christine. If you go to the main page for pyramath at http://www.pyramath.com we do have links to a 5 card and 7 card online version. Hopefully this helps you out.

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