Prime Bomb Rummy Rules

Prime Bomb Rummy (2-4 players )


Before playing Prime Bomb Rummy - it does help to have someone familiar with the standard card game of Gin Rummy. (see ). You play the game by making and playing melds . A meld is 3 or more cards that can be played together. In Prime Bomb meld is created by having 3 or more cards where 1 card's value is the number you get by multiplying the other cards together.


Example:  2,3, and 6 because 2x3=6; 

Example: 7,2,2,and 28 because 7x2x2=28


Starting the Game:


Start by dealing 7 cards to each player and placing the remaining deck face down between all players. one card is then turned face up from the deck.


Playing Each Round


Each player takes a round by either taking a card from the down pile or a card or cards from the face up pile. If they select a card from the face up pile they must play it in a meld. If they take a card that is not in the top position on the pile, they must take all cards on top of that card. After a player draws a card (or cards) they then must also discard a card face up on the discard pile. They should discard the card so that the cards below that card are still visible.


Ending the Game


The game ends when a player "goes out" - or plays all of their cards. Game is scored by points. 1 point for going out. 1 point for each card played in a meld. -1 point for each card "caught" in your hand.


Playing down


This allows you to play down on a meld you have already played or the meld of another player. This is best illustrated by example.


Example: Suppose another player plays 2,2,7,28 (meld 2x2x7-28) . If you can a 2 and a 14 (2x14=28) you can pay this as a meld on the 28 of the other player. This adds a lot more math to the game and should be used as a variation as players increase their math skills.