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Prime Bomb Capture Rules

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Playing Prime Bomb - Capture


How to Play Prime Bomb Capture.pdf


Video (filmed in HD - increase resolution to see cards)




This game is all about learning primes. The objective is to capture as many cards as possible – more than your opponents.


Start – Deal 5 cards to each player face down. The players can pick up and look at their cards. Place the remaining deck face down between all the players.


Rule 1 – Players may only keep 5 cards in their hand at any time. As they capture cards they may want to trade captured cards for the ones in their hand, this is OK as long as they only keep 5 cards in their hand at once.


The dealer will now flip one of the face down cards in the pile in front of the players and turn it face up.


Players will now attempt to capture that card following these capture rules;


Capturing Non-Primes


Capture a non-prime by playing cards to get a product that is closest to the value of the non-prime. Players can do this by playing both prime numbers and non-prime numbers.


Example:          Capturing a 28


Player 1: throws 2 and 14 (2x14 = 28)

Player 2: throws 2 and 7 (2x7=14)

Player 3: throws 7

Player 4: throws 2 and 2 and 7 (2x2x7=28)


Both players 1 and 4 had exact matches to 28, however player 4 wins as they captured by using more cards.


Example:          Capturing a 40


Player 1: Throws 5,  4, and 2 (5x4x2 = 40)

Player 2: Throws nothing

Player 3: Throws 5 and 8 (5x8=40)

Player 4: Throws three 2’s (2x2x2 = 8)


Player 1 and 3 had exact matches, but player 1 wins by throwing more cards.


Rules for capture:

            Player with product of cards closest to non-prime wins

            In tie, player with most cards used in capture wins

            If that is a tie, all cards stay played and another capture card is dealt


Capturing a Prime


Capturing primes is done by using non-primes. The objective is to play the highest non-prime that uses the prime being captured.


Example:          Capturing a 2


Player 1: Throws 36 (2x2x3x3)

Player 2: Throws 42 (2x3x7)

Player 3: Throws 25 – illegal play (5x5=25, does not contain a 2)

Player 4: Throws 50 (2x5x5)


Player 4 wins the prime as they have the highest non-prime with 2 as a multiple.




After each card is turned - players will bid working around through all players. Players may bid by placing a bid cards or cards for the capture card or they may pass. The round is over when all players have passed, then the winning player will claim the capture card and all bid cards.


Before the next card is turned, all players can swap cards they captured with cards in their hand. They can only have 5 in their hand at a time.


The player who captured the last card flips over the next card – and play resumes.


If a card cannot be captured, then another card is flipped on top of it from the deck, and both cards are captured in the next round. If there are bids out - they remain out.


Play continues until 5 cards are played - then another hand is dealt.




Scoring is done by adding up cards in their hand but not in play (captured cards) that are not being played. For example if a player had 7 cards and was playing 5 - their score would be 2 (they had 2 cards not in play). Remember a player can only have 5 cards in play at one time.




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