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Prime Bomb Main Game Rules

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 6 years, 9 months ago

Prime Bomb Main Game Rules


Getting Started - Shuffle Deck - place face down in front of all players.


Step 1 - Turn one card over face up - if Green put back in deck, if red put face up.



Step 2 - Now players take turns. 

- Player draws one card from deck, 

   >If it is a prime in the red card place it near the red card so the number shows, and the red card also still shows.

   >If it is NOT a prime of the red card, player keeps the card in pile in front of them


---- Next player does the same thing. 


Eventually the primes to make the non-prime (face up card) will be played. The player who plays the last prime to complete the non-prime has set off the bomb and loses all their cards.


Players count cards collected - that is their score. The bomb gets no score. 


They can place cards back in deck after round and do another round.




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